Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP Pro with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube


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The Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP Pro provides premium Bi-Level sleep therapy with an advanced flow waveform for a more natural breathing experience, and Bi-Flex pressure relief to enhance comfort.

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The BiPAP Pro is a fixed pressure machine that delivers two positive airway pressures at a single fixed level (i.e. 18cm/ 14cmH20). It includes features like advanced event detection, Auto-Trial, automatic altitude compensation, mask fit check, and C-Flex pressure relief.

The DreamStation BiPAP Pro is designed to fulfill the needs of all BiPAP users who demand the best from their therapy with its user-friendly low-profile design. The unit is lighter and smaller with all the latest up-to-date technology, making your sleep therapy seem like a breeze.

Most important is the feature that allows access to information by both the user and doctor or provider through cell or Wi-Fi options in order to customize and optimize therapy, increase compliance and provide for an overall quality experience.


  • Bluetooth Connection to DreamMapper App: The DreamStation machine has a built-in Bluetooth connection which allows the device to pair directly with the Philips Respironics DreamMapper mobile and web-based program. The free app gives the user the opportunity to personalize the data tracking account.
  • EZ-Start Technology: The EZ-Start feature is designed to reduce the user’s prescribed pressure setting during the first 30 days of operation. The goal is to adjust the user to the pressure by beginning with half of the prescribed pressure. A minimum pressure of 5cm H2O is required to use the EZ-Start feature.
  • Bi-Flex Pressure Relief: Bi-Flex is a pressure relief feature used to create a more natural breathing pattern during CPAP therapy. The DreamStation BiPAP Pro uses Flex Technology to provide relief during three points in the breathing cycle. Pressure is reduced by 0.5 increments during the transition from exhalation to inhalation, inhalation to exhalation, and during exhalation. The Bi-Flex setting can be adjusted up to 1.5 cm H2O for maximum comfort.
  • Ramp and SmartRamp: The BiPAP Pro not only offers the standard ramp but also the Smart Ramp. When SmartRamp is enabled, the DreamStation BiPAP Pro will monitor your therapy levels during the ramp period to deliver lower overall pressure until it detects an obstructive respiratory event. When an event is detected SmartRamp responds to resolve the event, raising pressures as required until the ramp period concludes.
  • Mask Fit Check: DreamStation BiPAP is equipped with Mask Fit Check tool to help with mask fitting, a Performance Check tool to ensure that your machine is working properly. It checks for Mask leaks, Pressure is adjusted automatically as needed to help maintain therapy pressure to the user, including the ability to reduce pressure to help re-establish a mask seal.
  • LCD On-Screen Display: A simplistic and practical LCD screen. While the User Interface is in use, the screen is well lit. As the lights in the room are dimmed, the machine’s ambient light sensor adjusts display brightness automatically depending on light levels in the room.
  • Dry Box Assembly: When using the Humidifier the Dry Box is designed to trap the water within the walls of the unit to prevent water from traveling throughout the machine and humidifier connection.
  • DreamMapper App: The DreamMapper is an app that is connected with Bluetooth. The app is available for iOS devices with iOS 6 or newer in the iTunes App Store or for Android devices 2.2 or newer in the Google Play Store. This mobile and web-based application provides key information and personal therapy feedback that can help patients stay involved, stay motivated, and stay interested.
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Additional information

Product Includes

(1) DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine
(1) Heated Humidifier
(1) Humidifier Water Chamber Tub
(1) Carrying Case
(1) Heated Tube
(1) SD Card
(1) Power Supply
(1) Power Cord
(1) Reusable Blue Pollen Filter
(1) Disposable Light-Blue Ultra-Fine Filter
(1) User Manual

Mode of Operation

Fixed BiPAP, Fixed CPAP

Special User Features

Color Screen, Daily progress feedback, Ambient light sensor, Opti-Start

Pressure Range

4 cm H2O to CPAP Pressure (CPAP); 4cmH2O to Min Pressure (Auto CPAP)

Ramp Time

0-45 minutes (5-min intervals)

Starting Ramp Pressure

4 to 25 cm H2O


Reusable pollen; Disposable Ultra-fine

Device Set-up

LCD, control dial/push button

Data Storage Capacity (Min)

SD card: > 1 year On-board:< 6 months

Altitude Compensation


Electrical Requirements

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0-1.0 A


Yes, Removable Heated Humidifier

DC Power

Yes ( optional DC cable is required )

Actual Weight

4.37 pounds (including the power supply)


11.69 x 7.59 x 3.3 inches

Sound Level

25.8 dB(A) machine only/27.9 dB(A) with humidifier

RX Required?

Yes, When Applicable for U.S. Residents

Weight (Machine Only)

2.94 pounds

Weight (Machine & Humidifier)

4.37 pounds (including the power supply)

Insurance Codes

E0562, A4604, E0470

FAA Approved



The products sold by® are backed by manufacturer warranties that protect you against manufacturer defects of materials and craftsmanship. Products under warranty are subject to a return validation. This inspection will determine if the damage can be repaired or if the product needs to be fully replaced.  Water damage issues will not be considered for warranty replacement by the manufacturer.

How to Return Your Warranty Equipment
Contact if you believe your CPAP equipment is defective and not working properly. If a return of your product(s) is approved, an return authorization number will be issued to you, a note in the return package stating what the problem seems to be should be included. Please contact us via email: or by telephone.

A agent can answer all your questions on how to send your defective equipment to:

Harmony Healthcare Supplies
34 E. Huntington Dr, Arcadia, CA 91006

International Customers Warranty Information
International Warranty eligibility follows the same guidelines above. Warranty and repair claims on CPAP and BiPAP/BiLevel machines that are purchased from and shipped internationally must be shipped back to our company in the United States for any warranty or repair claim.

Warranty Details For CPAP, BiPAP, Auto CPAP, APAP BiLevel Machines And Humidifiers
  • ResMed: 2 Years
  • Philips Respironics: 2 Years
  • Fisher & Paykel: 5 Years
  • DeVilbiss: 5 Years
Warranty Information for CPAP Masks
Please note this applies to products with manufacturer defects in material and does not apply to normal wear and tear. Please refer to your owner’s manual for proper care instructions and maintenance for a longer life span of your CPAP mask and accessories. Warranty for manufacturers defects is as follows:
  • ResMed: 90 Days
  • Philips Respironics: 90 Days
  • Fisher & Paykel: 90 Days
  • Devilbiss: 90 Days

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Philips Respironics DreamStation BiPAP Pro with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube


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