Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP With Heated Humidifier And Heated Tube


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The DreamStation Auto is a variable pressure CPAP machine that automatically adjusts pressure based on your prescribed settings.

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The humidifier and heated tube on the DreamStation Auto CPAP help prevent the dryness and irritation that can be associated when not using a CPAP with a humidifier model. The reusable blue pollen filter helps alleviate potential allergens.


  • Heated Humidifier – It connects directly to the machine and features dry box technology to reduce the chance of water entering the machine from the humidifier.
  • Heated Tube – The DreamStation Heated Tube improves comfort by maintaining heat and moisture throughout.
  • Prevent Rainout – If the humidifier is not being used, the heated tubing can be connected directly to the machine, though it will not heat.
  • Auto-Adjusting Pressure – The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP is an advanced APAP machine that monitors your breathing for flow limitations and adapts to them, automatically adjusting therapy throughout the night.
  • Opti-Start – Start your pressure therapy at 90% of the pressure reached in the previous session to help address any events that may occur early in your sleep therapy. This feature is optional and can be turned off./li>
  • Flex Comfort – C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex, A-Flex helps mimic natural breathing. Flex also adjusts as it monitors the onset of inhalation and exhalation to occur early in therapy, via the advanced Digital Auto-Trak algorithm.
  • SmartRamp – The Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP machines monitors the user and increases pressure only if an event occurs. Traditional ramp is also available if desired. Pressure therapy range must be greater than 4 cm H2O in order for the ramp to be used.
  • Advanced Data – The on-screen menu will display advanced data such as AHI, Periodic Breathing, Leak Rate, and Therapy Hours. It will also show the pressure the machine was at or below 90% of the time, which is used for Opti-Start.
  • Auto On/Off – The APAP can detect if the user has their mask on or off and will begin or stop therapy accordingly.
  • Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity and DreamMapper App – The DreamStation CPAP includes an SD-card. Connect it to the free mobile and web-based app to track therapy and get regular alerts, reminders, and usage tips.
  • DreamMapper – A free mobile and web-based application with motivational alerts, troubleshooting advice, and educational content. The DreamMapper app is designed to help you take an active role in adjusting to your sleep apnea therapy. The built-in Bluetooth sends important information about your sleep to DreamMapper, allowing you to stay in touch with your therapy.
  • User-Friendly Design – The New DreamStation Auto Machine with Humidifier weighs only 6 lbs. The machine’s large navigation dial is intuitive and convenient with simple menus, icons, and labels that are easy to understand. The ambient light sensor adjusts display brightness automatically.
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Additional information

Package Includes

(1) DreamStation Auto Machine
(1) Integrated Heated Humidifier
(1) Heated Tube
Built-in Bluetooth
(1) SD card
(1) Carrying case
(1) Reusable blue pollen filter
(1) Disposable light-blue ultra-fine filter
(1) Power Cord
(1) 80W Power Supply
User Manual

Mode of Operation

Auto Pressure Machine

Pressure Range

4cm to 20cmH20

Noise Level

35.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)

Ramp Time

0-45 minutes (5 minute increments)


Reusable Foam filters included (Optional disposable filters)

Electrical Requirements

100-240V, 50/60Hz 2.0-1.0A

Actual Weight

4.5 lbs


11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H ( 29.7 cm L x 19.3 cm W x 8.4 cm H)

Altitude Compensation



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Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP With Heated Humidifier And Heated Tube